Woman of the Apocalypse! September 23rd, 2017!

Cindergarden releases a new AMBROSIA today! Here you will find a menagerie of illustriously crafted songs titled Architectures of the Becoming. This album release date intentionally coincides with that which appears in the heavens: A Virgo crowned with the halo stars of Leo has been dubbed the “Woman of the Apocalypse” and has sparked much controversy among a range of star gazers.


Cindergarden’s crystalline tracks will take you on a twisted and ethereal multi-dimensional adventure, whipping you into an angelic softness while enticing you with dark apocalyptic beats.


Visit the store on this site for hardcopies of this beautifully packaged double disc album with full color lyric booklet. Digital copies will soon be on itunes and are available right now on bandcamp!

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Following the release of four (4) studio hardcopy albums (together with numerous digital singles, remixes, instrumental compilations and back catalogs), Cindergarden recently surpassed a Kickstarter goal of USD$12,000.00 to complete the post – production and manufacturing of her new double – disc album titled “Architectures of the Becoming”. This release will be followed by brand new music videos and a limited – edition vinyl press titled: “To the End of Love: A Leonard Cohen Tribute”. 
The artist responsible for releasing the charming single ‘Lunar Phases’ in tandem with its trend – setting music video now presents to you her most enigmatic and profound creation yet, derived from contemporary mythology and mystical energies... 

“Architectures of the Becoming”, which is Cindergarden’s fifth hardcopy album release, is slated to debut on Saturday, the 23rd September 2017. This date intentionally coincides with an astrological event which has ignited intense discussion and debate among astronomers, astrologers, Biblical scholars, the Vatican, planetary scientists, and all other persons who hold and share a keen interest in the cosmos. Some posit that the astrological event in question involves the Woman of the Apocalypse, who is spoken of in Chapter 12 of the Bible’s Book of Revelation: “And a great sign appeared in heaven: a woman clothed in the sun, with the moon under her feet and a crown of twelve stars on her head.” 
The possibility of the famed ‘Nibiru cataclysm’ event coming to pass has also played a vital role in the increased enthusiasm with the date. There are claims that Nibiru will collide with or closely pass by the Earth, thereby causing meteoric showers and other cosmic effects. Some individuals and groups have even connected Israel's Golden Jubilee to September 23 2017, tying it in with a series of events starting with the recent eclipse. 

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